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4 Best NDEB Canada Training Institutes for Internationally Trained Dentists (ITD)

By Karen Nunez

Canada- the land of maple syrup, fresh air, and a provincial kindness known the world over is actively seeking more dentists. Overseas-trained dentists are now eligible for permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program. That means if you have the qualifications and are willing to take the NDEB Canada exams, you too could find a new life in one of the most beautiful and naturally resource-rich countries in the world.

Over the last few decades, more and more of the public has been waking up to the fact that quality dental health is critical to the entire body. Nearly 1 in 4 adults aged 20-64 have cavities in the US alone. So it only makes sense that the demand for quality dental care and professionally trained dentists is rising.

Canada is one of the best places for Internationally Trained Dentists (ITDs) to immigrate. It is considered a leading economy as far as income and starting salaries. Not to mention the food is fantastic, people are friendly, and the culture is surprisingly diverse.

So as an ITD seeking your Canadian qualifications, how do you get started? Where do you find the answers to how to become a dentist in Canada?

Luckily you landed in our community because we have put together a stellar list of the best 5 coaching centers that will take you from newly arrived immigrant to dental superstar in no time. First, a little background.

What is the National Dental Examining Board (NDEB) Canada Exam Process?

The individual steps you will need to succeed are going to depend on your background, dental education, and country of origin. There are subtle differences in dental practice between a South American country and a European country, and finding that happy middle ground while ensuring you have Canadian-based training and dental education is essential.

In general, you can expect these steps:

♦   Go to the National Dental Examining Board (NDEB) website and create a login account.

♦   Fill out the forms on the website and submit all required documents.

♦   Take the AFK (Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge)

♦   Either take the ACJ or NDECC Exams. Otherwise, you’ll need to take a Degree Completion Program.

♦   Go through the Certification Process by taking the NDEB written exam and OSCE exam.

There are other subtleties about the pathways for how to become a dentist in Canada for internationally trained dentist (ITDs) that you can read more about from our blog post here.

That may seem like a massive amount of info, and you’re right. It is. The good news is that you can get help from qualified and experienced dental centers that specialize in helping internationally trained dentists through the immigration and qualification process.

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Here is our list of NDEB Canada Review Centers for foreign-trained dentists

1. Best Quality AFK/INBDE/ADAT Exam Preparation with DENTABEST


Making the transition from ITD to a certified and licensed dental provider in Canada is much easier with the professional services from Dentabest. Since 2013, this team of international experts has helped Canadian, US-based, and global dental students overcome the barriers to a lucrative career of providing essential dentistry services to clients of all ages.

Not only do you get premium AFK online coaching, but Dentabest also provides NBDE online preparation, ADAT study materials, INBDE Q banks, and more. For more than 10 years, this beneficial niche industry provider's instructors and tutoring services have ensured students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pass credentialed exams. That includes a 99% success record of outstanding North American dental licensing exams!

Everything begins when you sign up for a 30-minute free orientation with Dentabest. This will help students uncover the best resources, answers to questions, study tips, exam structures, and even smart tutoring packages for one-on-one support. Everything is centered on passing the numerous dental exams required to practice.

Dentabest offers bespoke pricing models suited to your individual learning needs. Students can select a streamlined smart study package of just the quizzes, case studies, and notes for an exam or, for example, sign up for a 35-hour AFK prep course with all the materials needed to boost the chance of success.

The inspiration behind these incredible learning resources is Dr. Sehar, MDS (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery). Being an ITD and a Canadian citizen living in North America, this highly valued tutor understands the challenges of navigating the various licensing exams. She empathizes with students who must put aside other goals to ensure the hard work and persistence of achieving full licensing is achieved.

That same spirit of never-ending dedication to a dream of achievement is maintained throughout every lesson, question, and resource offered by Dentabest. From ADAT online coaching to INBDE study material, the team at Dentabest promotes the foundational philosophy that ITDs can achieve their goals by not only studying hard but studying smart!

ITDs looking to complete their exam preparations can benefit from the numerous timed exams and practice quizzes available on Dentabest. These are one-off charges appropriate for any level of the student as a sort of crash course refresher. That means you get a much-needed boost in your self-confidence going into the exam and insight into any areas where you may need a bit more focus.

The fact is passing exams like the NDEB, or AFK is a challenge meant to weed out those who are unprepared. This ensures every candidate for dental practice has a deeper understanding of their techniques so that when it comes time to help patients, the overall quality of dental care is elevated.

Leveraging the benefits of services like Dentabest improves your ability to surpass complex exams so you can improve the lives and well-being of patients anywhere. It’s time to streamline your AFK exam preparation with help from the expert team at Dentabest

Sign up today and select the package best suited to your needs. Become a member of one of the most crucial, rewarding, and expert professions the world has ever known – taking one step closer to full dental licensing supported by the resources of Dentabest.

Sign Up Today!


2.  ConfiDentist - Best All-Around Program

The nice thing about ConfiDentist is the brand messaging and access to incredible resources. This dental center may not have all the bells and whistles of an entire dental school, but it comes incredibly close.

When you study how to become a dentist in Canada, you need access to in depth clinical resources, technology, practical classrooms, and more. Those are all available with ConfiDentist. They place a high value on mock testing and practical skills, which many ITDs find refreshing as the quickest way to learn something new is to physically give it a try.

Tuition runs anywhere from $1,000 and up depending on the course work you wish to take. We highly suggest checking ConfiDentist out through its social media. They have a decent presence that will give you valuable insight into whether or not this is the dental center for your ITD transition to a fully qualified and certified Canadian dental practice.

Visit ConfiDentist

3. DSTC Dental - Best for Canada & USA

Most dental centers in Canada will instruct ITD students about the NDEB exams as well as some information about practicing in the United States. DSTC Dental wraps that education into their programming from the beginning. If you are an ITD looking to learn how to become a dentist in Canada with your sights set on eventually going to the USA, this may be your best option.

DSTC has the exam prep and technical equipment needed to get you through the tests of NDEB examination.  They also have a heavy presence in India which is helpful as Indian-Canadians have the highest volume of immigrants moving into the country. It really helps to have a dental center that leans more towards the country Canada receives the most internationally trained dentists from.

DSTC does not have as many locations as some of the other centers on our list, but hits the big three in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. They are a little on the higher side as far as fees are concerned at around $4,350 CAD for the NDECC program, but you also get access to an extensive student alumni network which helps you secure a placement after completing your credentials.

Visit DSTC Dental

4. Prep Doctors Institute - Best International Experience

Prep Doctors was founded in 2011 and offer preparatory courses targeting the NDEB exams, specially designed for foreign trained dentists. This is an organization full of dentists and specialists from all over the world coming together to help infuse the Canadian dental world with highly trained and qualified licensed dentists.

This is an excellent company if you are entirely new to the Canadian culture and need advice from people who have been in your shoes before. They offer a ton of bespoke dental sciences courses and are a Certified Educational Institution by the Canadian government with an A+ rating from the BBB, meaning they deliver on their promise of quality.

ITDs that use Prep Doctors are twice as likely to pass the NDEB’s clinical skills and situational judgment exam because this center focuses on simulating the exam environment as much as possible.

Students' Reviews (Source: Prep Doctors Facebook Page)

♦   Sarah Salem           - I highly recommend prep doctors for sure! They helped me to pass AFK, ACJ and I just passed my ACS from the first attempt with all A/A+ results! I can't thank enough everyone in the team for feeling like a family, helping and leading us to success step by step.

♦   Ali Al-Ezzi              - Huge thanks to PrepDrs team for all the hard work they put into the ACS Course, their course is well structured, sufficient, and exam-oriented. The staff is very friendly. Strongly Recommended.

Your Source of NDEB Canada Information for Foreign-Trained Dentists

We hope this post has been helpful and directed you towards a quality future as a Canadian dentist. Every one of these centers can offer you a lot of help, guidance, and training needed to pass the National Dental Examining Board (NDEB) Canada exams and qualifications.

If you would like to learn more about the entire process of immigrating to Canada with your dental background, be sure to browse the rest of our website.

We are the number one trusted source for ITDs looking to navigate the process of how to become a dentist in Canada and are constantly updating our site with the latest tools, resources, and support you need.

Do us a big favor. When you do contact these dental centers, let them know we sent you over. There is always an opportunity to grow with these fantastic organizations so we can create a smooth transition for all ITDs as they make a move to the natural beauty and incredible culture of Canadian living.

Thank you again, and good luck!

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Karen Nunez was born in Valenzuela, Philippines. She received her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Centro Escolar University in Manila.

Karen currently is a practicing oral health care professional based in Alberta, Canada; and runs a Blog where she writes a slew of articles to empower internationally trained dentists to integrate into Canadian dentistry.

Read more of her blogs here.

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