5 Culprits For Yellow Teeth & What To Do About It

By Karen Nunez

A smile is contagious–that’s not just a saying, but a scientific fact. Dental aesthetics has been shown to boost your self-esteem– fact again. Needless to say, a beautiful white smile helps, but a dirty, yellow one doesn’t.

 That’s why you’re here, looking for answers to the million-dollar question: “Why are my teeth yellow? AND HOW CAN I FIX IT?”

We’ve identified five culprits and brought you some remedies. Let’s go.

Natural Ageing

Advancing age is a natural factor for teeth discoloration. Genetics plays a role in how fast it happens, too. With age, the outer layer of our teeth thins out, and that, in turn, reduces your teeth’ shiny white appearance, resulting in a yellower shade. Hence, the reason you lost those once sparkling and white teeth.



Faulty Diet

Certain foods tend to stain the teeth. Excessively consuming sauces, dark curries, black coffees, and other staining drinks tarnishes your enamel with tannins (food chemicals with blemishing properties). Their darker pigments called chromogens bind to your teeth resulting in tooth discoloration.


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Some teeth-staining foods to look out for are:

Sauces (e.g. soy/tomato)



Wine (red and white)

Fruit juices (e.g. grape/cranberry)



The tar and nicotine from smoking can cause yellow and stained teeth. Beyond just yellow teeth, the tobacco from cigarettes is bad for your oral hygiene because it increases the risk of oral and throat cancer as well as tooth decay.

Smokers are more prone to developing plaque- which can cause gum disease. The infected gums don't heal because smoking causes a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream - and you might end up in tooth loss.



Poor Oral Hygiene

If you don’t regularly brush, floss, and rinse enough to remove plaque and food debris, your teeth will remain unclean and yellow. Dirty teeth are a sign of carelessness and poor health because the toxic build-up can bring about other internal health problems.

Taking care of your mouth is a part of good overall health.  Remember, your mouth is a window into the rest of your body.


Medications for high blood pressure, antipsychotics, and some antihistamine drugs have side effects that can alter the color of your teeth. Chemotherapy and head and neck radiation can also darken your pearly whites.

Exposure to Doxycycline and Tetracycline during the formative years of young children may have intrinsic staining of their adult teeth later in life.

Last on the list- Chlorhexidine in mouthwashes. Your teeth will get brownish stains from this cleaning agent when used for more than two weeks.

Preventive tips to prevent yellow stains on your teeth

Nothing beats a clean and healthy mouth. Do your part in brushing and flossing your teeth. Brush twice a day for two minutes. And floss once daily.

Visit your dentist regularly.

Get a professional cleaning from your dental hygienist every six months, or as recommended.

Cut back on the coffee or tea.  Now that could be a challenge for many. Consider using a straw to avoid staining your front pearly whites.

Don't smoke or use tobacco.

Eat Calcium-rich foods. Dairy products and non-dairy calcium-rich foods contain minerals to strengthen your enamel.  Healthy enamel means the inner layer of your teeth doesn't show- making them whiter in color.

Use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride makes your teeth strong. It strengthens your enamel against wear and tear when eating acidic foods and beverages.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

There are two kinds of teeth stains: extrinsic (superficial stains on the outer layer of teeth, caused by coffee, tea, soda, etc.) and intrinsic (deeper stains beneath the enamel, on the tooth’s dentin–these are harder to remove).

For stubborn yellow and brown discoloration, here  are five proven ways to help you get rid of those pesky stains:

We recommend products we genuinely believe may be beneficial to your oral and dental health. If you purchase the products using the links below, we may earn  commissions at no extra cost to you. Please read our policy here for more information.


Whitening Toothpaste

How it works: The scrubbing action of the toothpaste’s abrasives helps remove the surface discoloration. It contains tiny granules or polishing agents that remove the stains on the outer layer of your teeth. Perfect for extrinsic yellowish staining!

Our recommendation:

Crest Gum and Enamel Repair Toothpaste

Whiter Teeth. Strong enamel. Healthy gums.

This toothpaste has got it all. Formulated with fluoride to make your teeth strong. Keep the compliments coming as you wear your new, healthy, and white smile.

Contains hydrated silica that lifts off surface stains -to make your teeth nice and bright.

Your gums will love this-  clinically proven to help reverse gingivitis in seven days.

Spa-Dent VEGAN Whitening toothpaste   


Smile more with toothpaste that comes from nature.

Spa Dent Whitening toothpaste with coconut oil and sea salt reduces the harmful bacteria in your mouth while making your teeth white. What's more, you will be delighted with its minty and pleasant flavors- and the promise of organic and preservative-free ingredients.


Whitestrips: Gentle At-home Teeth Whitening Kit

How it works: Whitestrips work both on surface stains and beneath the surface of the tooth. It goes beyond where most whitening kinds of toothpaste leave off and would give a whiter overall dazzling smile.

Our recommendation:

Crest 3D Whitestrips Kit

Be ready for a total make-over. Crest 3d white strips gently erase 15 years of stains; in just two weeks.

The strips mold to the unique shape of your teeth and come off with great ease. Use them just once a day for 30 minutes elevates your whiter smile to the next level.

It's very easy to use- apply the hydrogen peroxide-coated strips to the front of your teeth and let it seep into them to help remove stains and lighten the teeth.


Whitening Pen

 How it works: Treat yourself like a painting and the whitening pen as a brush. Apply the gel with strokes and see the glow of your teeth.

Caliwhite  Teeth Whitening Pen

Discover the ease of teeth whitening. Caliwhite whitening Pen makes your teeth white instantly- in 7 to 10 minutes. Paint it on your teeth and in between the crevices, and see the magic happens.

Certified organic- no worries about artificial ingredients

Contains Hydrogen peroxide -a chemical agent that is safe and effective in teeth whitening, that breaks down stains giving that shiny and white smile.

No parabens, sulfates, and GMO- only the real stuff for you

LED Light Teeth Whitening System

Want to wear those dazzling pearly whites longer?

Your best bet- The light-activated whitening system.

How it works: You need to brush and floss your teeth, as usual, apply the whitening serum while avoiding your gums and teeth, whiten using the LED mouthguard and rinse.

As simple as that!

Cali White Vegan Teeth WHITENING KIT with LED Light

The legendary Caliwhite Whitening System will surely boost your confidence. Experience a 2-8 Shade Whiter Smile in 7 days with its safe Hydrogen Peroxide Formula -effective in removing both surface and inner stains. It comes with a LED light which increases the lightness of your teeth than the nonlight activated ones.

The VEGAN plus-side: You can ensure that you’re supporting cruelty-free production because no animal tests and harm are done.

Patented Universal Comfort fit Tray- allows the gel to fill crevices between teeth giving a uniform whitening effect on all teeth.

Sensitive Teeth After Whitening

Teeth slightly become dehydrated as the whitening agent opens up the pores of your teeth. When this happens, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold drinks/food.

Try this Smile Brilliant Desensitizing gel to get moisture back to your teeth. It has Fluoride that gives instant and long-term relief after teeth bleaching. Double the relief with its Potassium Nitrate- help reduces discomfort by blocking the pain signals you may have.

That is one gel you want to get for a brighter and pain-free smile.

Facts About Teeth Whitening

Only natural teeth can be whitened, not fillings or dental restorations like bridges, implants, or crowns.

Carbamide Peroxide or  Hydrogen Peroxide is the popular agent in teeth whitening and is proven to be readily absorbed by the hard dental tissue. Use with caution as they can result in some sensitivity and gum irritation.

Tooth whitening is safe and effective when consumers follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but results vary in some cases.

Parting Words

Yellow teeth can be attributed to a couple of reasons: age, faulty diet, smoking, poor dental care, and medications. You can overcome tooth discoloration by using the aforementioned teeth-whitening products and be more confident in social settings with your bright smile.  

Remember that your overall oral health is also as important as having white teeth. So don’t just prioritize whitening strips and gels but take care of your entire mouth, too!

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