About Us

Did you know that nearly 3.5 billion people are affected by oral disease, and 530 million children suffer from baby tooth decay–which has shown to affect permanent teeth, too? The saddest fact of them all is that most oral health conditions are preventable and treated in their early stages. Yet still, the sufferers are in the millions and billions.


Beset with this dilemma, the two passionate oral and dental health advocates, Karen Nunez and Naz Nunez use their professional expertise for a noble mission: to spread awareness of the importance of oral and dental health, close the knowledge gap, and be the driver of change that helps people have beautiful, healthy smiles for a better lifestyle and overall health.


The determined and zealous pair aims to foster an oral-health-conscious online community and remain steadfast as a reliable source for authentic dental-related information, best practices, pro tips, and clinically proven product recommendations.




Karen Nunez is a practicing dental health care professional in Alberta, Canada. She's passionate about educating her readers on achieving optimum dental health through extensive research on the latest dental topics and providing science-backed product recommendations. During her free time, you can find her glued to her favorite Paulo Coelho books and concocting the best chocolate muffin her loved ones go crazy about.