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45 Best Oral Care Products in 2023

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Do you want to avoid wasting your time trying out a plethora of dental care products that have little to no effect despite overblown marketing claims? The top oral care products now available on the market have been compiled by our staff into a superb list.

From electronic toothbrushes to deep-cleaning tubes of toothpaste, we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive list includes well-known brands as well as those up-and-coming options we think significantly boost your oral health, so you can find the best match for your oral care routine.

Imagine walking into the office with a brighter, healthier smile without any of the guesswork of trying multiple products. Or lowering the risk of strokes, heart disease, and more potential problems often made worse by poor dental health. Our list will help you achieve that and more.

Don’t waste any more time or money on subpar oral care products. Read on to view our list of the best oral care products in 2023 and get the fantastic smile you deserve.

What Are the Best Oral Care Products?

Our professional team believes a healthy and stunning smile is essential to a rewarding quality of life. That is why our dedicated researchers have gone out to read the reviews, test the products, and uncover the relevant data behind our extensive oral care list. We always want to provide the highest quality items to our readers. Our process involves:

  • Research: we gather information on the latest trends, ingredients, and technologies used in oral care products.
  • Consulting: we speak with dentists and other oral care professionals to get their professional opinions on the products.
  • Review: we consider the feedback from real customers who have used the products.

By following these simple steps, we best ensure the top oral care products to you, our valued readers. We will be updating this article throughout the year to add, remove, and adjust the placement of the products we recommend so you have a reliable resource whenever you need a specific oral care product. Let’s dive into our list of the best oral care products on the market right now.

Snow Whitening Kits

Boost your self confidence with a whitening gel  that is formulated by a dentist. Smile like you have never smiled before!

Blu smart Toothbrush

Never miss a spot when you brush! Get healthier and cleaner teeth and gums  with this app enabled amazing sonic toothbrush.

Better and better Vegan Started Kit

Elevate your oral health with vitamin infused toothpaste. Vitamin D3 and B12 makes you teeth and whole body better and better!

cari Pro Water Flosser

 Experience the health benefits and cost savings of a premium water flosser delivered to your door!

CariPro Nightguard Cleaner

Say goodbye to bacteria on your night guard/ retainers/ dentures! This is an ultrasonic cleaner that does the cleaning for you in 5 minutes.

Desesh Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

Boost your self confidence with a whitening gel  that is formulated by a dentist. Smile like you have never smiled before!

Snow Arctic frost teeth whitening

Never miss a spot when you brush! Get healthier and cleaner teeth and gums  with this app enabled amazing sonic toothbrush.

Better and better Bamboo Toothbrush

Elevate your oral health with vitamin infused toothpaste. Vitamin D3 and B12 makes you teeth and whole body better and better!

Dr. Tung's Stainless steel Tongue Cleaner

 Experience the health benefits and cost savings of a premium water flosser delivered to your door!

Coco Stripes Vegan Class

Say goodbye to bacteria on your night guard/ retainers/ dentures! This is an ultrasonic cleaner that does the cleaning for you in 5 minutes.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electronic toothbrushes are excellent ways to clean your teeth and maintain oral health. They are equipped with advanced features such as oscillating brush heads that move back and forth at high speeds, providing a deep clean that removes plaque and bacteria effectively. The brush heads also come in different sizes and shapes, making it easy to reach every nook and cranny of your teeth and gums.

We recommend these products because they have been shown to remove significantly more plaque and gingivitis than their manual alternatives. Also, many have pressure sensitivity and built-in timers to make brushing way more enjoyable.

1. Blu Smart Toothbrush & App

This electric sonic toothbrush gives you a more accurate brushing experience because it is controlled by a mobile application. This ensures you get all target areas of your teeth and gums while also building strong dental health habits over the long term.

2.  SNOW LED whitening Electric Toothbrush

Voted the 2022 Best Toothbrush of the Year, this electric device uses a combination of blue LED light for added whitening with sonic technology to give you a brilliant smile. With 4 unique brushing modes, you get a welcome power cleaner for your oral health.

3. Better and Better Bamboo Toothbrush

This bamboo electronic toothbrush uses sonic technology to ensure complete cleaning through your brushing journey. It has 5 different cleaning modes and an ergonomic feel in your hand that elevate your oral routine with a sense of luxury.


4. cariPRO Electric Toothbrush

This is a personal favorite of our team and has been featured in Forbes, Fox, and is FDA-registered. The complete package includes the electric toothbrush with many cleaning options as well as replacement heads, a tongue scraper, and a wireless charging dock to simplify your routine.

5 – Desesh  bamboo Electric Toothbrush

For the more eco-friendly readers in our audience, we present the Desesh electric toothbrush made from premium bamboo wood. The biodegradable and replaced heads include 5 cleaning settings and are easy to toss out once you remove the charcoal nylon bristles first


6 – O’Smiler Original Electronic Sonic Toothbrush

Ready for something unique? This powerful electronic toothbrush gives you the in-depth cleaning you need, and the bone conduction allows you to play your favorite music through your teeth! That is a fantastic way to develop long-term positive routines.

7 – Dr. Brite Sonic Toothbrush

We love Dr. Brite as an oral healthcare brand. This is an easy-to-use electronic toothbrush supported by sonic cleaning technology, so you get a professional cleaning every time you brush at home. It is a little on the pricier side, but that because the quality is undeniable. 

Water Flossers

A water flosser, also known as an oral irrigator, is a device that uses a stream of water to remove plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the teeth and gums. They can be especially beneficial for those who have difficulty flossing with traditional string floss or have braces, bridges, or dental implants. Even something as little as a three-second water flossing application can move 99.9% of plague biofilm!

1 – Snow Water Flosser

With three different water flossing settings, you get a comprehensive solution to ensuring your gums, teeth, and oral cavity remain crystal clean. The reusable tip nozzles are safe for any smile and an easy way to eliminate germs that can build up over time.

2 – cariPRO Cordless Water Flosser

The touch of technology has finally come to water flossing thanks to cariPRO. This is a simplified way to get a precision flossing experience without needing string, cords, or messy cleanup. You also get a variety of specialty tips for those hard-to-reach spaces.

3 – Dr. Brite Water Flosser

You get a ton of water flossing modes and power settings with Dr. Brite to eliminate everything from years of buildup to last night’s BBQ. There are three unique tips for targeting areas of concern and a self-contained refillable reservoir for ease of use. 

Whitening Products

Whitening products are a popular way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. They work by removing or reducing the appearance of surface stains on the teeth caused by things like coffee, tea, and red wine. There are several types of whitening products available, including over-the-counter whitening toothpaste, whitening gels, and professional teeth whitening treatments. We love these products because you get a scientifically proven boost to your confidence, so when you smile, you mean it!

There are quite a few different varieties of whitening products, so we broke this category into specific lists for your oral care benefit.


1 – Snow Teeth Whitening Kits

First thing you’ll notice when clicking on our link here is the massive variety. Snow has done an exceptional job of sourcing all kinds of kits, accessories, and featured items to ensure your teeth whitening experience is not only rewarding but as easy to achieve as possible.

2 –Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays

teeth whitening trays

This kit is like having a dental lab conveniently placed inside your bathroom. Every kit uses a personalized tray and gel based on your unique sensitivity, so you increase the brilliance of your teeth without sacrificing comfort while you wait.

3 – Glo Brilliant Advanced White Smile

You cannot have a modern teeth whitening kit in today’s world without considering LED light technology. With this innovative whitening system, you apply a gel and use an LED-lined tray that can improve your teeth up to 12 shades for a beautiful result.

4 –Zimba Essential Whitening Kit

For the more budget-friendly option, Zimba provides a desensitizing pen to ensure your comfort and an evidence-backed teeth whitening strip that works as quickly as 30 minutes. Best of all, they are flavored, so you don’t get that overly sanitized taste in your mouth when done.

5 – Smile Sciences Original Teeth Whitening Kit

This is another flavored kit available in peppermint or bubblegum that gives you an excellent whitening solution using vegan and cruelty-free gel. We highly recommend this option for anyone with overly sensitive teeth due to the unique composition of the gel.

6 –Perio Sciences Teeth Whitening Bundle

PerioSciences Upgrade Your Smile Care


This is a one-stop bundle with everything you need for complete teeth whitening solutions. It markets a “zing-free” experience, meaning you don’t get that sharp tingle when you use the pre-treatment system before applying the whitening tray.

7 – Dr. Brite Wireless Advanced Whitening System

With active hydrogen peroxide and a specialized LED teeth tray, you’ll get rid of all those stains that have been building up for years in your mouth. Be sure to take advantage of the night whitening pen included for those especially tough-to-remove discolorations.


1 – Snow Extra Strength Whitening Serum

This is Snow’s best-selling product for a good reason. Using nothing more than a simple serum, you can gently remove the deepest teeth stain using clean and easy-to-understand ingredients instead of the complex list you get from big box stores.

2 – Smile Brilliant Desensitizing Gel

Again, a good solution for those with highly sensitive teeth. The simplified applicator gets into the nooks and crannies of your teeth. Also, being individually sealed makes it much easier to ensure the gel you purchase won’t dry out in between uses.


One of the more reliable budget-friendly options on our list of the best oral care products that effectively remove years of stain buildup from coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda, and more. It doesn’t go as far as 12 shades brighter like others, but you can expect at least 4-8, which is nothing too shabby.

4 – Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pens

This is another complete list of products we suggest because each one is designed to target specific users. They have everything from sensitivity relief to advanced kits with added hydrogen peroxide. The diversity of whiting pens means you’ll have a solid solution for any stage of your oral care.



1 – Snow Arctic Frost Teeth Whitening Mouthwash

Being the number one suggested mouthwash by the famous men’s magazine Esquire is nothing to shake a stick at. That is because you get a natural mint flavor to this product without the overly harsh chemical taste. They also included extra aloe for a soothing after-sensation.

2 – Snow Whitening Foam

Approved by vegans, this is a quick solution to spraying into your aligner or night guard while you sleep for a gentle whiting overnight. It includes a specially formulated foam that will not harm your tooth enamel like other harsh alternatives.

3 –Snow Magic Teeth Whitening Powder

For those that prefer a more straightforward whitening solution, we suggest this highly effective powder that you can quickly sprinkle over your toothpaste and boost your nightly routine. All it takes is one shake of the lavender and mint flavor, and you get a dentist-formulated solution to a brilliant smile.


1 – Snow Magic Teeth Whitening Strips

The subscription model of this whitening option is a great way to ensure you have a year-round shining smile. Instead of dealing with the gooey mess of uncomfortable mainstream trays, you get a simplified, barely visible stip that is easy to take on and off.

2 – Zimba Whitening Strips

Never suffer through an overly chemical-tasting strip again with Zimba. These provide all kinds of delicious flavors with a proven formula that boosts and improves the shades of your teeth, all while protecting those with overly sensitive gums.

Dental Stain Concealer

Dental stain concealers can provide an instant whitening effect. They can be a great solution for people who want to hide stains before a special event or for people who are not ready to commit to a long-term whitening treatment. Think of these oral care products as a temporary solution when you need a fix in a pinch.

1 – Night Out Dental Stain Concealer

In as little as 60 seconds, you get a quick solution to a brighter smile that conceals yellow stains. All you need to do is brush on this formula and rinse it off with water, and you are good to head out to your date, meeting, or evening of fun.

Remineralization Gel

This is a dental product that can help to strengthen and protect tooth enamel. The gel typically contains fluoride and other minerals that can help to rebuild and remineralize the enamel, making teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. While not a long-term solution for cavities or tooth decay, it offers plenty of preventative measures to strengthen the health of the underlying enamel.

1 – cariPRO Enamel Armour

Anyone suffering from chronic tooth sensitivity knows having a sustained release treatment is a quality solution. With this enamel armour, you get an easy fix to sealing in pores, improving tooth hydration, and exceptional resistance to cavities and stains.

Sensitivity Relief Kit

A sensitivity relief kit is an excellent option for individuals who experience tooth sensitivity and want to maintain proper oral health. These help with drinking cold fluids, eating ice cream, or reducing the pain you feel whenever anything minty comes your way.

1 – Dr. Brite Senstivity Relief Oral Care Kit

This easy-to-use kit is a cruelty-free, vegan solution to boosting health and lowering the sensitivity of your teeth. It is clinically proven by scientific studies and offers easy-to-understand ingredients that make life much more enjoyable.

Energy Starter Set

The idea behind sets like this is to boost the overall quality of the product you use on your teeth by infusing it with additional benefits. You always want to seek out energy starter sets that are based on high-quality sources and ingredients, so you get the most aid without any of the chemical worries.

1 – Better & Better Energy Starter Set

This starter set boosts your natural toothpaste with Vitamin B12 and D3, all wrapped in a refreshing mint flavor anyone would enjoy. In addition, the set comes with eco-friendly natural floss, a bamboo toothbrush, and a fun little 2-minute hourglass for developing good habits.

Save 10% On Your First Toothpaste Purchase

Healthy Gums Kit

Gums have a critical role in maintaining your overall oral health. These keep your precious teeth in place and ensure you get the bit you need for delicious food all day long. Keeping them in tip-top shape ensures you get a reliable seal around them, so no food or unwanted bacteria creeps in and causes related health issues down the road. The good news is that there are plenty of high-quality products available to help your gum care routine.

1 – Dr. Brite Healthy Gums Oral Care Kit

Many patients experience gum bleeding when flossing or eating foods like popcorn, which can get stuck in the tiny space between the gums and teeth. With this specially designed formula, you get strong, healthier, and protective gums for much longer.

Retainer Cleaner

These products are not just for those with a retainer for tooth straining. Many whitening products we rely upon for quality smile brightness also use a tray system. Without the proper care and maintenance, these trays can get a little gross over time and lead to bacteria buildup. Having a reliable retainer cleaner helps avoid these situations, so you get the dedicated treatment you need each and every time.

1 – carPRO Ultrasonic Cleaner

This beautifully constructed device uses ultrasonic technology and a UV sterilizing light to destroy any odor-causing bacteria. It lifts up the stains from your various whitening trays and night guards, so they look and feel good as news every time you put them in.

Retainer Cleaning Tablets

These tablets dissolve in water and give your trays, mouthguards, and other retainer items a “bath” that effectively removes any buildup or discoloration. You always want to seek out the best quality cleaning tablets because the not-so-well-formulated solutions can lead to a yellowing effect that no one wants. That is why we took the time to explore the oral care products only designed for optimal outcomes.

1 – cariPRO Retainer Cleaner

The ability to kill up to 99.99% of all bacteria and fungi growing on any oral appliance is a reliable solution to keeping your whitening trays and mouthguards squeaky clean. The tablets are available in mint flavoring and effectively remove any unwanted odors from the 3 months supply.




Toothpaste is an excellent way to clean your teeth and maintain proper oral health because it contains a combination of ingredients that work together to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth, freshen your breath, and promote healthy gums. This is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for combating poor hygiene and promoting good overall oral health. With nothing more than a decent toothbrush and a regular schedule, you can easily prevent most of the unwanted cavities and gum disease common in our mouths.

1 – Dr. Brite Anti-Plauqe Toothpaste

Time to upgrade your smile with a carefully crafted formal that fights plaque buildup, so you get a sparkling smile after each brushing. Combined with a delicious mint flavor that will make your breath fresh, this is a wonderful addition to anyone’s morning and night brushing routine.

2 – Perio Sciences Toothpaste

PerioSciences Upgrade Your Smile Care

This is a fantastic line of toothpaste designed for those wanting a natural, whitening, sensitive, or hydrating boost to their brushing. It uses a tested polishing agent to gently remove all kinds of stains and buildup without drying alcohol or harmful chemicals.

3 – SD Total Care Toothpaste

This cost-effective daily-use toothpaste will enhance your gum health and treat the common symptoms of dry mouth. It is made with self-adjusting perlite and has a refreshing mint flavor that is not too harsh for those with sensitive teeth and enamel.


Mouthwash, also known as an oral rinse or mouth rinse, is a liquid solution used as an oral hygiene aid. It is typically used to freshen breath, kill germs, reduce plaque, and prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. The unique benefits of each product depend on the formula they use. Some are designed to help bolster gum health, while others market the fresh breath aspect. We wanted to find products that balance all these features, so you get a comprehensive solution without the hassle.

1 – Perio Sciences Rinse

Much like their toothpaste, this line of mouth rinse provides all the total care you need for a healthy oral cavity while also freshening your breath, so you don’t have to walk around holding your hand up every time you talk.

2 – SD Total Care Mouthwash

Always look for total care solutions. The difference with SD is that they focus on relieving dry mouth symptoms with a vegan-friendly formula that boosts your breath and leaves your mouth feeling healthy, hydrated, and clean.

Toothpaste Tablets – Eco Friendly

Toothpaste tablets are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes. They are designed to be a more sustainable option as they generate less waste, are made with natural ingredients and are packaged in a more environmentally friendly manner. They are also travel-friendly and easy to use. Another advantage of toothpaste tablets is that they are often free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients found in traditional tubes of toothpaste, such as fluoride, parabens, and triclosan, which can be detrimental to the environment and to one’s health.

1 – Desesh Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

Instead of using harmful fluoride, these fantastic tables are infused with hydroxyapatite (the main component of healthy enamel). In addition, they are only pea-sized, making them highly convenient instead of the unpredictable squeezing of a tube every time. You also get a plastic and paraben-free solution to clean brushing.

Vegan/Eco-Friendly Floss

Let’s face it, plastic floss creates a ton of waste. However, you still need it to get that scientifically proven reduction in gum disease, gingivitis, and plaque. That is why you should check out our list of more eco-friendly options available that will help improve your brushing routines without damaging our natural environment.

1 – Coco Stripes Vegan Floss

This vegan floss makes your dental care green and maintains a stunning smile. It is carefully crafted from corn and has a candelilla wax coating with a light mint flavor that makes it 100% natural.

2 – Dr. Tung’s Activated Charcoal Floss

If you haven’t heard of activated charcoal before, this is a smart solution to improving your smile without harsh chemicals. The vegan side of this equation leads to less waste in the trash, and it has a pleasant lemongrass flavor on top!

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo is a highly sustainable and renewable resource. It proliferates and doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers. They are often made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials, making them a more ethical choice than traditional plastic toothbrushes. These are a comfortable and durable solution to your brushing routine that doesn’t break the bank whenever you need a resupply.

1 – Orthomechanic Bamboo Toothbrush Set

 100% plant-base toothbrush

For those wanting a non-toxic toothbrush that can be fully recycled and uses 100% natural ingredients, this is your answer. These use Biolon bristle made from natural beans, which means you don’t have to pull them out before recycling.

2 – Coco Stripes Bamboo Toothbrush for Adults

With a multicolored set of 10 toothbrushes, you get a beautifully designed bamboo solution for a clean mouth. The bristles are soft on your gums and teeth, which is comforting for those dealing with high sensitivity or occasional bleeding.

Tongue Cleaner

Tongue cleaners, also known as tongue scrapers, can be an excellent way to improve oral care, as they help to remove bacteria, food debris, and dead cells from the tongue. This can help to freshen your breath, reduce plaque, and improve overall oral hygiene. Plenty of research demonstrates that a reduction in plaque can occur when using a tongue cleaner alongside regular brushing. Not to mention you get a much more pleasant breath situation for those close encounters with friends and dates.

1 – Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

First off, this comes in a highly convenient and attractive pouch for those who may feel a little embarrassed – which is perfectly okay. With only a few gentle passes, you’ll get a much cleaner oral health routine and fresher breath that lasts for most of the day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best practices for maintaining good oral hygiene?

The best practices for maintaining good oral hygiene include brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once a day, and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. 

How often should I brush and floss my teeth?

Brushing your teeth twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime, with high-quality toothpaste is recommended. As for flossing, try to floss at least once a day, ideally before brushing your teeth at night.

Is it necessary to use mouthwash as part of my oral care routine?

While mouthwash is not strictly necessary for oral care, it can be beneficial as it can help freshen breath, kill germs, reduce plaque and prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. 

Are there any particular foods or drinks that I should avoid for optimal oral health?

To maintain optimal oral health, it’s best to limit or avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks, such as candy, soda, and sports drinks, as they can contribute to tooth decay. Also, it’s important to limit or avoid tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, as they can cause oral cancer and other oral health problems.

How often should I visit the dentist for a check-up?

The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist at least twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. However, the frequency of visits may vary depending on individual needs and risk factors, such as a history of cavities or gum disease. Your dentist can advise you on the appropriate schedule for check-ups and cleanings.

How can I maintain good oral hygiene while traveling?

Maintaining good oral hygiene while traveling can be challenging, but keeping up with your regular oral care routine as much as possible is essential. Pack a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, brush, floss, and rinse as you would at home. 

What is Quality Oral Care?

Quality oral care is maintaining good oral health through regular dental hygiene and preventative measures. It’s all about keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth in tip-top shape and ensuring that you have a bright and healthy smile by using the best oral care products.

It’s important to understand that oral care isn’t just about having shiny white teeth. It’s about taking care of the overall health of your mouth. A healthy mouth is the foundation of a healthy body, as oral diseases have been linked to other health issues such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Quality oral care begins with good oral hygiene practices such as brushing your teeth, flossing, and trying the best oral care products designed for your specific needs. You should also keep your toothbrush clean and replace it every three to four months or sooner if the bristles are frayed.

Always remember that regular dental check-ups are also an essential part of quality oral care. A dentist can spot potential problems before they become severe and give you professional advice on improving your oral hygiene.

How Can using the Best Oral Care Products Benefit Me?

It’s all about matching the specifically formulated oral care products with your individual needs. That can mean finding a mouthwash for more sensitive teeth or an eco-friendly toothbrush that doesn’t cause your gums to get sore or bleed.

With so many items available in every grocery store, pharmacy, and gas station worldwide, picking out the best oral care products that are reliable and won’t break the piggy bank is challenging. That is why we created this list. To save you time and money from having to do the research yourself.

Wrapping it Up

As a dental professional with almost 9 years of experience in the industry, I am proud to have led our research in building this list. Our team is passionate about helping others find a healthy oral care routine. The list of best oral care products presented in this article has been carefully curated to provide you with a selection of high-quality products you can rely upon.

From toothbrushes and toothpaste to floss and mouthwash, this list has been chosen for its effectiveness, convenience, and eco-friendly features. So whether you’re looking for a product to help freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, or reduce sensitivity, you’ll find something on this list that can help.

If you have any questions or comments, be sure to post them below, especially if you have a suggestion, not on our list you think my team should investigate. Thank you for reading, and happy brushing!




About The Author:

Karen Nunez  is a practicing oral health care professional based in Toronto, Canada; 

She’s passionate in helping her readers achieve optimum dental and oral health through her blog. Her posts are well-researched, engaging and are up-to-date. 


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11 Best Cities to Live in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with so much to offer ITDs and immigrants looking to build a new life. From the rolling hills of the East Coast to the rugged mountains of the West, this nation is brimming with charm and culture.

As more people from across the globe look to relocate here, choosing where to live in Canada is becoming easier said than done. There are so many attractive options for the best cities to live in in Canada based on the cost of living, job opportunities, quality of life, entertainment, attractions, and more that it can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of our favorite Canadian cities from coast to coast that are great for immigration. So whether you’re thinking about moving abroad or simply looking for your next travel destination, consider these 11 cities to find work and life as an ITD in Canada.

What are the Best Cities to Live in Canada?

So many factors go into answering this question, though, that it’s not always easy to know where to start. Canada is a vast country, ranked second largest globally, with only Russia above it. However, it is 39th by population. That means there is a lot of land to explore and enjoy without feeling like you are packed into apartments like sardines.

The total population is over 35 million people strong who speak primarily English and French. Some areas will have more French speakers than others. Still, you can easily get by with English because so many tourists enjoy the natural beauty of Canada. It is located just above the United States, which primarily speaks English.

There is a lot of opportunity in Canada, which made narrowing down the list to only 11 cities to live in challenging. We looked at factors like:

♦ Cost of Living

♦ Job Availability

♦ Crime Rate

♦ Quality of Education

♦ Total Population

And more!

As an ITD, it will come down to where the opportunities are, but this list will give you a general idea of some more welcoming areas that are more open to people from other cultures. The entire country is a warm, inviting place to build a home, but many immigrants like to start where people from their country have also moved to Canada. Let’s dive in.

1 – Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the second-largest city in the country. It’s also one of the most educated cities in Canada, with 45% of its population having a college or university degree. That is probably because there are two major universities in the city – the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.

Ottawa was named after a native tribe meaning “to trade,” which was fitting for its location on what was originally a crucial Aboriginal trading route between east and west. Today it’s home to many government offices as well as being considered one of North America’s greenest cities – something you’ll notice when you visit.

With over 1 million people living there, Ottawa isn’t too big or small. The population is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. In addition, it has new investments from Canada’s immigration drive.

There are many well-groomed outdoor paths for riding a bike or enjoying a walk in the hotter summers. While the winters can be pretty cold, the city comes alive with great activities, festivals, and events.

This is a bilingual city that speaks both French and English, meaning that many public services will be available in either language.

The job market in Ottawa is vibrant because this city is home to Canada’s federal government offices, which employs a considerable number of the population. That means there is a low unemployment rate and a high demand for services to the middle to upper-class families, which dentistry benefits from.

At a Glance: 

♦ Unemployment Rate: 6.3%

♦ Median Family Income: $102,000 CAD

♦ Cost of Apartment: $700-$1,400 CAD

♦ Cost of Gallon of Milk: $9.49 CAD

♦ Population: 1.3 million

♦ Foreign-Born Residents: 23.4% of the population

♦ Fun Fact: More engineers, scientists, and PhDs per capita than any other city in Canada.

2 -Vancouver

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia and the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada. It’s located on the south shore of Burrard Inlet, a natural harbor home to one of North America’s biggest ports.

The city has been growing steadily over the past few decades, but it hasn’t become overcrowded or overly developed like other cities with similar populations. Vancouverites celebrate their natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle as a point of pride (and they’re probably right). This is a place where you can go hiking or snowboarding for half your year and has plenty of indoor activities to keep you busy during those cold months when outdoor activities aren’t possible.

There are stunning beaches, islands, and coastline, as well as a vibrant urban center with many entertainment and knowledge centers rivaling most major cities across the globe. However, that also makes it one of the more expensive destinations on our list. If you can find lucrative job placement, then this is an excellent place to move.

Vancouver is on our list of best cities to live in Canada because it is so diverse and has a thriving economy. A colossal entertainment sector brings in many supportive jobs in the area, and plenty of housing is easier after the city converted much of the 2010 Winter Olympic centers into apartments.

If you want the best schools, hospitals, and medical care with easy-to-use public transportation and surprisingly mild weather, this is the place to be.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 5.2%
  • Median Family Income: $96,423 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $1,000-$2,100 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $10.45 CAD
  • Population: 2.1 million
  • Foreign-Born Residents: 42.5% of the population
  • Fun Fact: Recently ranked as the third most livable place in the world and 10th cleanest city in the world.

3 – Burlington

Burlington is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada, and the capital of the Halton Region. It is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, north of Toronto and south of Hamilton.

The city was ranked as the safest municipality in Ontario by Crime Rate Statistics Canada for two consecutive years (2010–2011), according to its 2011 police statistics report. The City has also been recognized as one of Canada’s top ten retirement destinations by Sun Life Financial.

This makes Burlington one of the favorite cities of expats from the U.S. and other European countries. It is also an area that sits between urban living and the great outdoors, due in part to the significant number of parks, walking trails, bike paths, and other quality of life enjoyments.

With so many out-of-towners moving to Burlington, there are a lot of job opportunities due to numerous new businesses popping up all of the time to serve the growing population. It has a broad economic base that adds to the region’s overall stability and does not suffer from a single industry overtaking another due to its diversity. A lot of people actually work in Toronto and then use the commuter train to go home to one of the best places to live – Burlington.

While all of Canada is family-friendly, this is known as one of the more “small-town feels” areas of the country that loves younger families. Shopping, dining, and education are all top-notch, and there is a rich active lifestyle supported by local communities that welcome people of all backgrounds.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 5.2%
  • Median Family Income: $93,588 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $900-$1,900 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $10.60 CAD
  • Population: 186,948
  • Foreign-Born Residents: 24.1% of the population
  • Fun Fact: Burlington has more species of lilacs than almost anywhere else in the world.

4 – Oakville

Oakville is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada, part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It’s home to over 222,000 residents and has become a popular destination for those seeking to live in the GTA without sacrificing amenities.

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce said it best: “Oakville has been successful because we’re not Toronto.” If you’re looking for a smaller community with great schools and plenty of green space but still close enough to get into the big city whenever you need to—this is your place.

You are living right up against Lake Ontario, which provides a significant amount of entertainment, commerce, and tourism to the area. This is also only 30 minutes from downtown Toronto and about an hour from Niagara Falls on the U.S. border.

We put this on our list of the best cities to live in Canada for ITDs because of how welcoming it is to younger families and children. Between the broad array of arts, culture, music, sports, museums, festivals, and educational opportunities, this is an incredibly vibrant community for staying busy. No matter your background or interest, you can find plenty to do in Oakville.

Jobs are easier to find here because of the major industries in the area. Siemens, Ford, General Electric, and UTC Aerospace all have significant operations in the area. You’ll find a good portion of the population employed in science, pharmaceuticals, and eldercare.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 6.2%
  • Median Family Income: $113,666 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $1,900-$3,400 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $10.01 CAD
  • Population: 211,382
  • Foreign-Born Residents: 30% of the population
  • Fun Fact: More than 1.4 million tourists visit Oakville every year.

5 – St. Albert

If you want access to all the amenities that come with living in a large city without having to deal with all the traffic or busy streets of downtown, then St. Albert is the best choice. The cost of living here is lower than in other parts of Alberta, which makes it an attractive option for those looking for a place where they can still afford rent or mortgage payments but get more bang for their buck.

There is an abundance of high-paying jobs due to numerous industries moving into the area to serve the growing population. In addition, you get all the amenities of schools, healthcare, and recreation, as well as excellent outdoor green spaces along the Sturgeon River. This is a very family-friendly area and hosts the International Children’s Festival, which brings in more than 55,000 people annually.

Even though this is one of the best cities to live in, be prepared for some cold winters that can include temperatures 20 degrees below. A lot of people choose to live in St. Albert and then commute to Edmonton, another place on our list of the best cities to live in Canada. That is partly because there is a significant amount of the population works in the nearby oil, gas, and energy industry. This is a surprisingly vibrant science and technology sector of Canada with a strong IT and biotechnology drive for new innovation.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 5.2%
  • Median Family Income: $131,300 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $850-$1,295 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $9.37 CAD
  • Population: 65,589
  • Foreign-Born Residents: 23% of the population
  • Fun Fact: Voted the #1 best small city to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine.

6 – Boucherville

Boucherville is a city in Quebec, Canada, and is considered one of the oldest places in the country. It’s also home to some pretty good eats, with restaurants like Au Pied de Cochon and Maison Boulud nearby.

Commute time from Boucherville to Montreal (where most jobs are located) is just 24 minutes—which means that if your commute takes longer than that during rush hour, then there’s something wrong with your car or something else about your life situation that needs fixing.

The average income in Boucherville has been rising steadily over time for full-time workers (like doctors and lawyers). That increase makes this option one of the best cities to live in for building a future with your family.

This is another location that is popular with expats from the U.S. because of the outdoor activities, sporting opportunities, arts, culture, and relative closeness to Montreal. You’ll need to brush up on your French as roughly 90% of the population prefers to speak that over English. That means being bilingual is essential to finding a dentistry position in Boucherville, Canada.

Other areas of job placement include aerospace, software, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, and transportation.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 4.3%
  • Median Family Income: $97,401 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $1,500-$2,800 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $9.87 CAD
  • Population: 40,753
  • Foreign-Born Residents: 5-10% of the population
  • Fun Fact: Excellent location for nearby festivals like the Montreal Jazz, Le Grand RibFest in Laval, and Igloofest.

7 – Calgary

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city and an economic center for southern Alberta, situated at the confluence of the Bow River and Elbow River in a large valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is home to many cultural festivals, including the Calgary International Stampede, one of North America’s most famous rodeos, the Calgary Folk Music Festival, and Truckfest, which takes place every summer at Heritage Park Historical Village.

The economy of Calgary has been built on oil and gas production since its inception, but today it also relies heavily on agriculture (especially beef), tourism, transportation equipment (principally aircraft), financial services, and high-tech industries such as information technology (IT) companies engaged in global business services operations such as call centers for international airlines or hotel chains.

More than 1.5 million people live in this busy city that expanded rapidly after the railway was built. As a result, you get a rich mix of old rural landscapes with young urban development, making this an excellent addition to our best places to live in Canada.

There are many jobs in various industries like film, aerospace, health, tourism, and dentistry. This is due in part to the vibrant influx of new business and the benefits from the highly successful 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic games that helped grow residential and financial opportunities.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 5.3%
  • Median Family Income: $105,060 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $1,300-$2,200 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $8.70 CAD
  • Population: 1.33 million
  • Foreign-Born Residents: 33% of the population
  • Fun Fact: Home to one of the youngest populations in Canada, with an average age of 38.

8 – Halifax

Halifax is a beautiful city on the east coast of Canada. It offers residents an excellent quality of life, a lower cost of living, and access to jobs. If you’re looking to raise a family in Canada or move back home after being away for a while, then this could be the place for you.

This is the regional capital for Nova Scotia and the 2nd fastest growing area for expats and immigrants. That is probably because the incredible coastline and laid-back lifestyle make it a lovely place to retire or enjoy a slower pace of life.

Halifax has a sister city of Dartmouth, connected by bridges over the Bedford Basin. Living there means access to twice as many educational, healthcare, and industrial opportunities. This also means double the outdoor development, parks, and natural beauty!

You get some cold temps being so close to the coast and plenty of snow, but the locals make it a fun and enjoyable season with festivals and plenty of places to dine where everyone hangs out together.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 4.7%
  • Median Family Income: $69,553 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $949-$1,850 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $8.51 CAD
  • Population: 431,479
  • Foreign-Born Residents: 9-12% of the population
  • Fun Fact: Halifax rents Point Pleasant, a beloved park, for one shilling a year from the British Government.

9 – Quebec City

Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec and the second-largest city in Canada. It was founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608 and became a British colony until 1759 when it was restored to France.

Quebec’s climate is quite similar to southern Ontario’s, although winters tend to be colder due to its northern location. Summers are also more humid than they are further south due to prevailing winds coming off Lake Ontario.

This is one of the oldest cities in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its architecture and historical importance. There are a lot of cultural amenities in this city and a vibrant food and dining option as many expats with culinary training love to immigrate to Quebec City. However, you will need to know French as less than 2% of the population speak English fluently.

There is a log of timber, aerospace, and hydropower employment opportunities and not so much in the IT or science sector. The reason it is so affordable to live in Quebec City is that you are in store for a harsh winter. While you get some of the most intriguing winter festivals in the world, you also have a long spate of short dark days with more than enough snow.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 3.9%
  • Median Family Income: $59,881 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $949-$1,450 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $7.65 CAD
  • Population: 542,298
  • Foreign-Born Residents: Roughly 6-8% of the population
  • Fun Fact: The delicious french fries in gravy or other dips known as Poutine originated in Quebec City.

10 – Saskatoon

Saskatoon is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan and is one of Canada’s fastest-growing areas. The strange thing about this place is that it does not feel like a city. When you are walking around the mom-and-pop shops and local restaurants, you get the sense this is more of a village, even though it has more than 273,000 people.

Everything feels outdoorsy in this place to live, with various parks, playgrounds, and recreational opportunities. As agriculture and livestock are major industries, you get delicious local foods. An expanded IT, biotech, and manufacturing interest are growing at a breakneck speed for new job placement.

The cost of living is relatively low because there is so much farmland nearby, but you will have severely cold winters. Unfortunately, this is one of those locations in the world where you have to be prepared for winter because the temps and snowfall can take over all aspects of life in the city.

Despite the rough weather, this tight knight community of happy and fun-loving people welcomes newcomers with open arms.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 4.7%
  • Median Family Income: $79,001 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $900-$1,200 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $8.03 CAD
  • Population: 273,010
  • Foreign-Born Residents: Roughly 15.6% of the population
  • Fun Fact: More than 8,200 local residents gathered in Victoria Park to host the world’s largest snowball fight on February 1, 2016.

11 – Edmonton

Wrapping up our list of the best cities to live in Canada is Edmonton. Here you find a wonderful city that is friendly to pretty much anyone that comes to visit or stay. This is due to the area being host to over fifty yearly festivals in art, culture, folklore, food, holidays, music, and more.

You have plenty of shopping and sporting events throughout the year, as well as a city, focused on creating more green space whenever possible. That makes this one of the best urban environments to still enjoy outdoor living in the world.

The weather here is going to be cold, and the city is spread out a bit without much public transport as of yet. You will need a car to get around the city and surrounding area. This is the capital city of Alberta and has a huge population, so there is plenty to do when things get a little chilly come winter.

At a Glance: 

  • Unemployment Rate: 6.1%
  • Median Family Income: $97,800 CAD
  • Cost of Apartment: $975-$1,300 CAD
  • Cost of Gallon of Milk: $9.76 CAD
  • Population: 981,280
  • Foreign-Born Residents: Roughly 24% of the population
  • Fun Fact: Edmonton receives 2,299 hours of bright sunshine annually, with some days having up to 17 hours.

Wrapping it Up

All of these cities can offer you a great quality of life ITD option, as well as a high employment rate, low crime rate, and access to amenities. When deciding on the best cities to live in in Canada, think about what you need from your new home and where these needs might be met.

As ITDs exploring new opportunities, we cannot emphasize enough the power of networking. Speaking with fellow peers and mentors will be the best way to connect with these areas of the world. Take your time to explore the different amenities and features of each city before making your decision. All in all, you cannot go wrong with setting up your family through a dentistry career in the beautiful country of Canada!

Also, Check Out the Related Article:  How to Immigrate to Canada as a Dentist

About the Author

Karen Nunez was born in Valenzuela, Philippines. She received her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Centro Escolar University in Manila.

Karen currently is a practicing oral health care professional based in Alberta, Canada; and runs a website where she writes a slew of articles to empower internationally trained dentists to integrate into Canadian dentistry.

Read more of her blogs here.

KIDS Nutrition

How Natural or Herbal Toothpaste Will Change Your Life

Plaque- your mouth’s worst enemy. It is one of the culprits of tooth decay, gingivitis, gum infection, and bad breath.

Mechanical aids like toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and floss are available to help you get rid of them. But when it comes to toothpaste, is there a natural product to aid you in cleaning your teeth? Fortunately, there is- Herbal or natural toothpaste.

Natural toothpaste can clean your teeth effectively and gently without the harsh ingredients that you can find in some conventional toothpaste. They contain plant extracts, anti-bacterial essential oils, and natural minerals.

If you are in the vibe of using natural, vegan, and non-GMO toothpaste, this article is for you.

Let us go over what they are, their benefits and potential drawbacks, and why you should consider using them in place of your regular tubes of toothpaste.

Ready for the big shift? Let’s begin.

 Benefits of Using Herbal Toothpaste

1. Dye- Free 

 A comprehensive report by the Center for Science in the Public interest states that food dyes could be potentially linked to allergies, cancer, and ADHD. 

2. Gentler to your gums and teeth

Herbal toothpaste is free of abrasives that scratches the surfaces of your teeth that may lead to thinning out of your enamel or gum recession.

Some abrasives that you can see in the market today are the following:
Aluminum Oxide
Hydrated silica
Sodium Bicarbonate

3. Environment-friendly

Herbal ingredients are derived from plants and fruits, while many toothpaste formulas contain microbeads to remove stains and polish teeth. These tiny plastic particles pose an environmental concern since they are not biodegradable. And can find its way to the ocean and rivers after being washed down the drain.

When you use natural toothpaste, you help protect the environment by using earth-friendly ingredients.

4. Friendlier to your body

You do not have to worry about accidentally swallowing natural toothpaste when you brush as they contain no artificial ingredients and no SLS – a cleaning agent found in toothpaste that can often irritate gums and soft tissues.

Potential Drawback

No Fluoride content

The American Dental Association reminds us of brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that fights tooth decay and strengthens the outer layer of your teeth. Opting for a Fluoride-free toothpaste may increase your chances of having to deal with dental caries.

Your Takeaway

Achieving good dental health is easier than you think. Remember the dental hygiene instructions of your dental health professional- brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily.

Discuss with your oral health care professional what is best for your dental health needs. (Conventional or natural toothpaste).  Both of your can brainstorm to help you achieve that dazzling and healthy smile!


We assembled a line of natural or herbal toothpaste that you can add up to your dental hygiene regimen.


Dabur Herbal Healthcare Neem Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste, 5.43 Oz/154 gm (3 Pack)

Enjoy the mild and fresh taste of this natural toothpaste. Its Neem component is a fruit from the Mahogany Tree family which contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste, Fresh Mint – Vegan, Natural, Non-GMO, Fluoride Free, Gluten Free, with Neem & Peelu (4.16 oz), 2 Pack

This award-winning toothpaste is made from pure mint oils and 24 special herbs which include NEEM and PEELU for optimum oral hygiene. It is also concentrated that each tube lasts 3x longer than regular toothpaste.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Neem and Pomegranate Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste, SLS-Free, 5.29 Oz/150 gm (4 PACK)

The hero ingredients in this toothpaste are Neem and Pomegranate. Your mouth will love these two as they are effective against dental plaque and reduce the unfriendly bacteria in your mouth. Its formula gives an intense boost to your overall oral health by preventing bad breath and gum problems.Results? Your mouth feels clean and healthy!

Twice Classic Duo (2-Pack)

Each tube contains a blend of three powerful vitamins selected by experts to keep your mouth in good health. It has a great taste that you will surely love. Best of all, it works better than regular toothpaste.

Rael Himalayan Pink Salt Toothpaste – Natural, Vegan, Paraben-Free, Fresh Breath, Oral Care, Fresh Soothing Mint (4.23oz/120g)

Try this unique gel toothpaste formulated with Botanical extracts that helps strengthen enamel, provide full mouth detox and naturally protect your teeth from decay.

Auromere Licorice Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste With 24 Special Herbal Extracts for Optimum Care of Teeth and Gums, 4.16 oz (75 ml/117 g) (Pack of 2)

Love the taste of Licorice plus its antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Use it daily and you won’t wake up with morning breath.

Choose from a List of Herbal Toothpaste Available. Find out more Here.




Fun Powered Toothbrushes for Kids

Colgate, Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush Minions Extra Soft Bristles

Powered toothbrushes help kids brush better. With its vibrating head and soft bristles, teeth will be gently cleaned by sweeping away plaque.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Featuring Disney’s Frozen

Kids will be encouraged to brush more with the fun and exciting characters of this powered toothbrush. It includes a round Extra Soft brush head and special gentle mode for kids’ teeth and gums. The two-year warranty ensures you are satisfied with your purchase, so no need to worry about buying the wrong dental product for your little ones. 

Effectively removes plaque compared to a manual toothbrush.
It comes with a Disney timer magic app to help kids brush twice longer.
Makes brushing exciting with its interchangeable Disney’s Frozen handle stickers.

Brusheez® Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Set – Soft Bristles, Easy-Press Power Button, Battery Operated, 2 Brush Heads, Animal Cover, Sand Timer, Rinse Cup and Storage Base – Ages 3+ (Sparkle The Unicorn)

The Brusheez Powered Toothbrush is animal-themed and colorful with a complete bushing kit–including a rinsing cup, 2-minute timer glass to encourage full duration of brushing, a printed brushing chart to keep track of brushing sessions, a convenient stand and storage base, and an extra brush head for longevity.

Check All our amazing Toothbrushes for Wonderful Kids


KIDS Nutrition

How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy (For Parents)

We recommend products we genuinely believe may be beneficial to your oral and dental health. If you purchase the products using the links below, we may earn some affiliate commissions. Please read our policy here for more information.

You–or your child–might think that since the baby teeth will fall out eventually, taking care of your oral health isn’t as important until later. Wrong.

 Practicing the proper habits now will set the stage for your oral health in the future. Avoiding trauma to the baby teeth will also save your children from the risk of gum disease and tooth decay in their permanent adult teeth–which are irreplaceable, by the way.

 The American Dental Association (ADA) says you must regularly visit the dentist at their requested interval. Among parents with children under 18, 64.6% of families visited the dentist every six months–twice a year. Therefore, we can assume that most dentists recommend two visits a year for the average child.

How to Take Care of Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth start to erupt about the age of six months; most children will have their complete set of teeth by two to three years old.  Here are five proven ways to help your child keep their teeth healthy:

      Brush and Floss

 Use a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste for kids three-six years old.  

For kids three years and below, parents and caregivers should start brushing kids’ teeth as soon as they begin to come into the mouth- using fluoride toothpaste in an amount no more than a smear or the size of a grain of rice. 

To avoid the risk of developing Fluorosis for children, it is best to consult with your pediatrician or dentist.

When is the best time to floss, you ask?

You can use kids-friendly plastic floss to clean in between their teeth once their teeth start touching.

First Dental Visit is a Happy Visit

Your child’s first dental visit should be after that first tooth comes out, but no later than the first birthday. Parents play an essential role in making their child’s teeth healthy, so make sure little ones get that visit before they turn one!

So how do you prepare for the first dental visit?  Tell, Show, Do:

  1.  Tell him what is going to happen and expect during the visit. Be positive.
  2. Show videos and read him some books about his first visit. These practices would help him overcome any fear and be more confident.
  3. Do ask your child to practice opening his mouth. It will help him get ready when the dentist examines his teeth.

Tips for Mom and Dad: Create a list of questions before your trip to the dentist. Common questions like teething, baby bottle decay, etc., can be answered by your dental health care professional.

 Prevent Early Childhood Decay 

Commonly called  Baby Bottle Caries. It is defined as the presence of one or more decayed teeth, missing teeth (due to decay), or filled tooth surfaces in any primary tooth in a child 72 months or younger.

These are the white or brown holes/smooth lesions that you see on your child’s front and molar teeth.

It happens as prolonged exposure to sugary drinks at nighttime or naptime-  when the child is put to bed with a bottle or substituting the bottle with a pacifier for fussy babies or kids.

Care But Do Not Share

We care so much for our children that we tend to forget that sharing utensils with them does not matter. Too much for the loving deeds moms and dads! When you do that, you are introducing bacteria to your child.

During mealtimes, your utensils should be separate from the ones that your kids or babies use. No sharing.



Wonders of  Water

The best beverage that you can offer your child is water! It is calorie and sugar-free. The best buddy of your little ones’ teeth.




4 More Tips for  Kid’s  Beautiful and Healthy Smile

With summer here, outdoor activities like sports and camping, put your child’s teeth at risk of injury and neglect. Here are some highly effective best practices and products that you can use to ensure good dental health for your child while they have fun:

Gamify the Toothbrushing Process

Kids like gamifying things–it’s an effective learning tool for deeper understanding. So, turning boring to-dos like brushing into fun and challenging games can yield higher engagement and ensure that your kids follow healthy lifelong brushing habits.

 Hum by Colgate is more than just a toothbrush; it’s an in-app gaming experience that rewards good brushing techniques with prizes. The smart app leverages augmented reality to guide the brush into the right areas of the mouth. The timer is set to ensure proper brushing duration, and the progress tracker grades brushing success.

 By actively engaging the user in challenges for new prizes and creating a reward system for good brushing, your child will be more tempted to perform well and continue receiving positive feedback.


Use a Powered Toothbrush

Powered toothbrushes have been clinically proven to be more effective in plaque removal and gum disease prevention. Let’s face it, even after teaching them; kids barely follow the correct brushing protocol with a manual brush–it’s too much work and memory.

A kid-friendly powered toothbrush does a lot of scrubbing for them and is seen as more fun to use–which aids in compliance.  

The Brusheez Powered Toothbrush is animal-themed and colorful with a complete bushing kit–including a rinsing cup, 2-minute timer glass to encourage full duration of brushing, a printed brushing chart to keep track of brushing sessions, a convenient stand and storage base, and an extra brush head for longevity. 

It gives kids a fun brushing kit so that they can enjoy the entire brushing process.

Damage Control: Save-a-Tooth Preserving Kit

With Summer around the corner and kids being more prone to accidents, the ADA-approved and Certified Safety Save-A-Tooth Preserving Kit preserves knocked-out teeth for up to 24 hours for safe transport to the dentist.


 The twistable jar contains Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution, which has been clinically proven to be more effective than milk, water, and saline solution in preserving a tooth’s periodontal ligament for treatment

Use Mouth Guard to Protect Their Teeth

Save-A-Tooth is damage control. But ideally, you want to take preventative measures to help your child avoid a knocked-out tooth in the first place. The SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard provides a snug slim-fit thanks to their FLUID FIT technology. Not only does it protect your teeth, but their JawSecure base helps protect your jaw from impact as well.

The most child-friendly feature about this mouthguard is the ANTI-GAG design, where the gum shields have an ultra-slim profile ensuring minimal interference while playing sports.



Parting Words

Your child’s oral health is critical. Remember that if not cared for properly, incurred trauma on the baby teeth has shown to cause developmental disturbances in permanent teeth. Conditions include yellow-brown discoloration, hypoplasia (underdeveloped tissue), and even crown appearance alterations. Not pretty. 

Needless to say, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to nurture the health of your children’s teeth. You can do that with the best practices listed in this article, visit your dentist regularly, brush and floss as advised by your dental health care professional, and take advantage of the highly effective, research-backed products gifted by modern innovation.



KIDS Nutrition Oral Care

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